Digital Fashions Gone Overboard

I used to laugh at watching the Fashion Shows with the runway models who strut their sexy long legs down the catwalk in tin foil and rubber band made lingerie. I would watch it more for the entertainment because obviously nobody, minus the attention grabbing celebrities, would wear something so hideous out in public, at least not us “normal” people. But then when they started mixing fashion with technology, it became a little more interesting and risky, a perfect combination for my natty kind of style.

Jennifer Shannon was a second year graduate student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at Tisch-NYU with a Sincere passion for a combination of fashion and technology.  This unique combination inspired her and Andi Cheung to design this hardware bathing suit. Shannon had a passion for science and art and a background in Physics, mathematics, computing, and web development.

This bathing suit design was trendy and creative, but looks very uncomfortable. Although I am beyond bikini’s after three kids, maybe my daughter would enjoy this in her college years.


CuteCircuit is a fashion company based in London that designs amazing wearable technology and interactive fashion. CuteCircuit products are innovative intelligent clothing that integrate new beauty and functionalities into fashion through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics. CuteCircuit is the first company to merge wearable and telecommunication technology to create emotionally rich experiences.

Cute Circiit is actually very attractive. I could see this as a younger generation’s Night Club outfit. It has stylish nerd girl written all over it. I would try this on for sure.


Fashion designers Diana Eng (recently of Bravo’s “Project Runway”) and Emily Albinski first made headlines when their Inflatable Dress made the cover of ID Magazine last fall. In their first fashion show together, Diana and Emily are pleased to also launch their new collection under their brand “Blackbox Nation“. The duo strives to push forward technology in the fashion world.

Unless I’m going to a Cosplay convention, I don’t think this would roll over well for women in the tech industry. Although it has a great design and potential, the back part has to go. I think it looks like a respirator and it takes away the beauty of the original dress. Though now that I think about it, I could probably use that back part for some extra oxygen when I’m having a panic attack. Might help me during those moments I’m hyperventilating.

In the meantime, if you’re still curious about more modern tech clothing designs, visit some of these links.

Trend-setting Technology Fashion

What do you think? Would you wear these designs or do you think they will move forward in the future?

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