My name is Kat Mahoney. I’m the owner of The Digital Home Life Network where I am an Author/Blogger, Digital Consultant, and Family Life Advisor. My complete focus is on educating and informing today’s modern families, military spouses, and parents on balancing technology, family, video games, and social media, at home and career. I teach organization and balance in technology, modern living, and parenthood through seminars, workshops, and publications.


digital education and technology

For over 20 years I have been in the Digital Education and Electronic Entertainment industry. I attended Hawaii Pacific University for Computer Science where I assisted upcoming companies in developing a web presence while teaching business owners how to integrate technology and online marketing. I then moved onto video game beta testing and working with game developers on community and social media marketing, as well as testing new technology products. Currently I take pride in teaching parents and students about social media technology, video games, board games, and electronic entertainment. I have interviewed some prestegious world-renowned tech professionals and tested and reviewed their games and tech products.


military family awareness and preparedness

I have over 40 years in the military lifestyle as a military child turned military spouse. For 15 years I assisted military families overcoming adversity in mental health, career & life changes, and home organization.  I continue to actively educating the community and schools on military family awareness and educational connections. In 2010 I Founded the first non-profit organization for military children called Kids of Americas Heroes that focused on communication and mental health awareness for military families. The organization was such a success that it was embraced as a school club in many elementary and middle schools. I was awarded several volunteer and military spouse success awards for my service and participation in the military as well as nominated National Military Spouse of the Year 2010 by CINCHouse and Military.com.



book signings and seminars

I have written several books on varying topics from military deployment to digital safety. My books can all be purchased from Amazon and I am happy to participate in a school book signing or organization book discussion.